Got good credit?
IMI Clinics can help.

Got questionable credit?
IMI Clinics can still help!

It feels good to feel beautiful, and IMI Clinics wants to make it as easy as possible for you to fulfill your beauty goals by offering in-house financing for procedures greater than $1,000 in value. Don’t let money worries come between you and your beauty goals, catch the wave and glow with Dr. Jo!

About IMI Clinics

IMI Clinics is a Hilo-based, integrated healthcare and esthetic services practice. IMI Clinics was founded on these solid principles:

  • Listening to patients’ needs and concerns
  • Providing relevant information
  • Offering a range of multi-disciplinary treatment options
  • Teaming with patients for optimal results

We know that you are looking for a partner who will support you in navigating your personal health and well-being. So whether you need our health, wellness, or medical esthetics services, IMI Clinics is there every step of the way.