Tyson V.

“On a scale of 1 – 10 I’d have to give it atleast a 20.”

Shawnee P.

“A bunch of my friends and I came and got some procedures done, and the rest is history. We’re here all the time now.”

Naomi T.

“I’ve things at another clinic and I didn’t like the outcome of it – I didn’t like the whole process of it. When I went to Joanna, she tried everything to correct it and she did, and I really appreciate that.”

Asa L.

“Dr. Jo evaluated my skin and based off of my target areas and concerns, and the type of skin type I have, she determined what type of treatments were right for me.

Nikki G.

I had been searching for a long time to find a doctor or facility that could help me out with my acne scarring and I felt like I had checked out everywhere else on Big Island and just didn’t feel comfortable.

Karly W.

She took out a lot of blackheads and things that were irritating my skin. I definitely would tell my friends about this place if they have skin issues or problems with their acne.

Mohala & Asia S.

“Joanna is amazing. She’s very thorough, she explains everything from beginning to end. Every step she takes. And with that, I felt very comfortable.”

Curtis N.

“My experience at IMI Clinics is amazing. I tell all my clients to please visit Dr. Smith – she just makes you feel really comfortable.”

Sue L.

“Talking about women issues is always rather challenging but Joanna makes it really easy.

Ashley M.

“I first came in for tattoo removal on my lower back. It’s kind of something I wanted off of me for a long time, so I feel excited that it’s almost done.”

Pulelehua P.

“I have tried lots of weight loss management programs – never seen the results as quick as I have with her program. I’ve lost over 30 pounds within a 6 month period.

Lani W.

“Coming here is always a great experience. Dr. Joanna’s professionalism and her skill and her care for her patients is amazing, and it keeps you wanting to come back.”

Rave T.

“Throughout my life I’ve battled with weight and I’ve found that Dr. Smith is really great about listening and helping me through different types of plateaus.