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Services Received: VI Peel, Acne Treatment

I’ve always struggled with acne and stuff so like we were trying to find somewhere here on island that I could go to get treatment and to slowly get rid of my acne and so we found IMI I came here and ever since then I’ve not gone anywhere else for my treatments I came in here for my cystic acne so I could treat like my acne my acne scarring the redness the hyperpigmentation all that kind of stuff we did a consultation and those are the things that I really wanted to focus on my skin trying to create like an even skin tone I did my first VI Peel maybe about four weeks ago and then I’m here today again to do my next VI Peel because my treatments it’s made me more confident I’m confident that my skin will get better that there’s things that we can do to treat my acne and then to also maintain it and to keep it at bay for the most part I like to come here I feel comfortable it’s like coming home.

On a scale of one through ten I’d have to give it at least a twenty like it’s a twenty out of ten um everything about here is great the atmosphere the people working on your skin and your personal health and taking care of yourself is like very important so I think that this would be the place that you can do that kinds of things hi my name is Tyson Vincent and I caught the wave of beauty and wellness at IMI clinics.