Services Received: Laser Hair Removal, Wellness Shot

Dr. Jo has worked with me on several different occasions, the first being laser hair removal for the front and back of my neck because when I wear an aloha shirt, when I turn it kind of pulls, and so Dr. Jo was able to fix that for me. For laser hair removal you do need several different sessions and each session was quick and effective. Dr. Jo is very different than all other med spas you might go to, she’s very friendly very comfortable, and she really details all of your needs to be more personalized. If someone is interested in something similar go for it don’t wait, you know – especially as I said for laser hair removal you need several different sessions so the quicker you start the quicker your hair can go away. Besides just skin needs, Dr. Jo also offers wellness, and I try to get a b12 shot every time I see her as well. I really highly recommend Dr. Jo and I’m very lucky that I caught the wave with IMI.