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⭐Real IMI Client Testimonials⭐

Hi my name is Guinevere Davenport, and I am from Kona.

I first heard about Dr. Jo from a dear friend of mine, she’s been going to Dr. Jo for a number of years and she told me you know what Gweny, I think you should really just go to her check her out see what she’s about see what she recommends for you. I think you would be pretty pleased with what might happen. That led me to calling her that very night, and I made him an appointment for her and funny enough I also made an appointment for my mom as well and so both my mom and I came in to Dr. Jo’s. We were really excited, we had a consult for her, and she recommended some really awesome things for me. I mean lately, to put in perspective, I’m 26 and I was asked if I was in high school and I keep getting asked all over the place if I’m in high school now, and so it’s really wonderful what all Dr. Jo’s done for me and for my mom as well. But I feel great, I feel like I’m glowing all the time. So, I got Botox, Dr. Jo recommended for someone like myself to get started young for preventative wrinkles and so I did get a little bit just for my smile lines it also helped because I do have hooded eyes that helped my eyes just wake up a little more, opening my face up making it just so that I’m glowing. Dr. Jo also recommended and gave a mineral sunscreen and a facial cleanser that I’ve been using pretty much on the daily or on the nightly basis.

The procedure was super simple I was just a little nervous, you know I did see the needles they’re really thin but of course something sharp and something pokey, but Dr. Jo talked and she talked me through it, she told me what to expect, she pointed out the areas I even watched her do it, and it was painless. It was all that nervousness for nothing. It was super fast too, I had absolutely no bruising and it was probably – I don’t know – within an hour or two hours that I could even see the results happening already and then of course a week later it just gets better and better over time, it’s like wine. I just can tell an immediate improvement with my skin, it’s so happy, it’s just glowing, and like I said, I just keep getting asked all the time if I’m in high school now – it’s great. If you’re thinking about it just call her come on down, Dr. Jo is wonderful; she’ll talk you through it, the consult never hurts nobody, and I think you’d be beyond surprised with what all she can do for you and your family.


Revay T.

Services Received: Weight Loss Program

Throughout my life, I’ve battled with weight, but I found that Dr. Smith has been really great about listening and helping me through different types of plateaus. It’s always been different and difficult for me, and she’s tried various types of treatments ... READ MORE

Asa L.

Services Received: Dermaplaning, VI Peel

As someone who was new to any skin care regimen, I didn’t know what to expect upon my first visit at IMI Clinics, Dr. Jo evaluated my skin and based off of my target areas and concerns and the type of skin ... READ MORE


Services Received: Tattoo Removal

I found out about IMI Clinics through a bunch of different friends I actually know a bunch of people who’ve come here I first came in for tattoo removal on my lower back, it’s kind of something that I’ve wanted off of me ... READ MORE

Curtis N.

Services Received: Recovery IV Treatment, Botox

I actually came in here at first for Botox. I was doing my Botox on the other side of the island and when Dr. Smith opened her clinic here, I decided I knew her, I felt comfortable, and I came here ... READ MORE

Brandi H.

Services Received: Lip Filler, Botox

My experience with Dr. Jo and her office was amazing, she made me feel comfortable she gave me good guidance on the look I was trying to achieve. I did go one other place and I wasn’t happy with that, and that’s ... READ MORE

Scott A.

Services Received: HydraFacial

Dr. Jo and IMI Clinics have been great, not only just helping my family and myself you know on a personal level, but even with our business as a smaller business starting up in the community. She’s been really good as far as introducing ... READ MORE

Mo & Asia

Services Received: Filler, Botox, Lip Injection, Vitamin Injections

Joanna is amazing, she’s very thorough she explains everything from beginning to end, every step she takes and with that I felt very comfortable. Services were excellent, follow-up was excellent. Problems that I felt were making my skin not ... READ MORE


Services Received: Microneedling, Chemical Peel, Botox

I had peels done I did have the needling and Botox a number of different things, so I trust the doctor so much that I have my daughter come here. So, recently my daughter had a chemical peel due to her ... READ MORE

Nikki G.

Services Received: CO 2 Laser Ablative Resurfacing

I had been searching for a long time to find a doctor or facility that could help me out with my acne scarring and I felt like I had checked out everywhere else on Big Island and just didn’t feel ... READ MORE