Services Received: Recovery IV Treatment, Botox

I actually came in here at first for Botox. I was doing my Botox on the other side of the island and when Dr. Smith opened her clinic here, I decided I knew her, I felt comfortable, and I came here to do that. I did Honolulu marathon this past December, and I don’t think I was really too prepared. I woke up the next morning after the marathon and I was extremely dehydrated. I had a headache I felt awful and I had remembered that Dr. Smith offered a recovery IV treatment, and I went ahead and called the clinic and I was able to get in the same day. 30 minutes after having the treatment done I felt better, I just literally recovered. My experience at IMI Clinics is amazing, I tell all of my clients to please visit Dr. Smith, and she just makes you feel very comfortable the staff does as well and her office is beautiful. I continue to visit IMI Clinics because I’m very, very happy with all of my results here and I will continue to visit IMI Clinics. My name is Curtis and I caught the wave of health and beauty at IMI Clinics.