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Services Received: Tattoo Removal

I found out about IMI Clinics through a bunch of different friends I actually know a bunch of people who’ve come here I first came in for tattoo removal on my lower back, it’s kind of something that I’ve wanted off of me for a long time so I feel excited that it’s almost done. First of all, the office feels comfortable you don’t feel nervous – it’s calming. I came in for a consultation because I did have questions so I would just suggest that you come in and talk to the staff and you know she’ll walk you through it. I had another treatment done somewhere else before and I just felt a lot more comfortable coming here. The experience was better overall. I think a lot of these things are scary at first when you think about doing them, but once you come in here and you see how comfortable Dr. Jo makes it for you, just do it and I think you’ll feel happy with the results. My name is Ashley and I caught the wave of beauty at IMI Clinics.