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Services Received: Filler, Botox, Lip Injection, Vitamin Injections

Joanna is amazing, she’s very thorough she explains everything from beginning to end, every step she takes and with that I felt very comfortable. Services were excellent, follow-up was excellent. Problems that I felt were making my skin not as good cleared up. My mom just told me about her, you know, and got my lips done. It was so fun and it turned out so nice I just wanted to keep going and now we’re regulars we can’t stop hooked for life. I get really bad migraines every once in a while, and so I just go in for some heavy cocktails that she gives me and just like knocks them out in 20 minutes. It’s usually like a whole day of suffering that’s a life changer actually you don’t have to go into the hospital to get chemicals and pharmaceuticals to knock it out. It’s vitamins, just everything your body needs to replenish itself so that it can work optimally again, and it truly just works – it’s the only thing that works really better than Tylenol. Everything is professional and everything is personal and to me, coming from the Big Island, that means a lot to me constantly have somebody that’s always available and always there to take care of whatever you need.