Services Received: Microneedling, Chemical Peel, Botox

I had peels done I did have the needling and Botox a number of different things, so I trust the doctor so much that I have my daughter come here. So, recently my daughter had a chemical peel due to her acne and she went home and about half an hour later she started crying because her face was burning. Immediately called doctor, she had us come right back down, she treated my daughter immediately we stayed for a couple of hours just because she wanted to watch Laney, you know, throughout the process make sure that everything was going well. Immediately as soon as we reached the office, Laney was very comfortable, doctor provided us with ice packs, whatever we needed to go home, and I know that a lot of places they probably can’t do what she did for us during that incident because it was very scary for all of us. Doctor makes everybody feel good after they leave, we’re very happy with all the services that we get here. Come in and get a consultation immediately, you’ll find out how knowledgeable she is of all the services she offers here. She, you know, is a doctor, she knows everything that she’s putting on her patients.


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