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Services Received: CO 2 Laser Ablative Resurfacing

I had been searching for a long time to find a doctor or facility that could help me out with my acne scarring and I felt like I had checked out everywhere else on Big Island and just didn’t feel comfortable… knowing that getting rid of your acne scars takes a lot of effort and patience and I was introduced to Dr. Jo through a mutual friend. I had the CO 2 Laser Ablative Resurfacing done on my face it is an intense and powerful laser to essentially get rid of your acne scars and knowing that it wasn’t going to be like in one shot but it was going to be doing a heavy, heavy retexturing essentially on my face we had to go through the procedure the first time around and just make sure I knew what I was in for and on the day of my procedure she numbed me all up walked me through everything all over again made sure that I was going to be taken care of afterwards and laid me back in that chair and essentially lasered off layers and years off my face. Dr. Jo is so well informed on what she does I know every single bit of the procedure of what I’ve had done on me because she’s so communicative she’ll use the medical lingo the first time and then she’ll go back through and make sure that I understand what’s happening so I’m not questioning it afterwards or scared of it afterwards, like I get what’s actually happening. I have been self-conscious about my face while pretending like I’m okay and she has a wonderful way of just allowing you to be open and vulnerable with you and not making you feel shame for that vulnerability, which is really nice it can be very, very scary going into a doctor’s office especially having something that you’re just not stoked on about yourself and having to talk openly about that is hard, and I think Dr. Jo’s ability to just talk with you and help you understand what’s going on has really made this journey a lot easier. You can’t get what you don’t ask for so if you don’t just call or shoot them an email to get that initial consultation, you’re not going to get the results you want and you’re going to get the results you want.